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    The door is always open in Paper Hub. You can either make an appointment with us or just come by and take a look around. And while you’re at it, you can spend the whole day here.

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  • LOOKING FOR NEW EXPERIENCES? There is always something going on

    Paper Hub forms a part of Paralelni Polis – a venue that never stays still. Meetups, lectures and workshops are taking place one after another.

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  • LOOKING FOR MORE THAN COWORKING? A place for meetings and new ideas

    Do you sympathize with Paralelni Polis? Become its resident and enjoy the creative and innovative base for your work that comes with Paper Hub membership. Do not forget to get refreshed by the delicious coffee in Bitcoin Coffee and further your technical skills in 3D printing workshop MakersLab.

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PAPER HUB IN PARALELNI POLIS We know what you need to do your job.

technology and safe internet connection

Paper Hub provides you with 40 Mbps reliable internet connection and fast multifunctional printer capable of printing in up to A3 size. Silk screen and 3D printers are also at your disposal.

rental-accessible 7 days a week

Everyone’s working habits are different. That is why we offer various rent options ranging from five hours a month to unlimited access or even your own personal desk. Whether you want to arrange a small meeting of five people, presentation for 20 clients or a lecture for 120 attendants, we will find the right place for you.

your growth is not just about your desk

Paper Hub forms a part of Paralelni Polis, a venue providing regular program of both educational and leisure events, a culinary facility provided by Bitcoin Coffee and the technical underworld of 3D printing workshop MakersLab.

Paper Hub Membership

Each and every Paper Hub member has the possibility to use, according to the extent of his or hers subscription (300 – 3000 CZK a month) any free spot in the shared working space, the office facilities (printer, scanner, copying machine, Wi-Fi, presentation technology etc.), a kitchen, a terrace and a possibility of hiring a meeting room at discounted charge. It is also possible to hire your own desk. The membership fees are paid in Bitcoin. We will be happy to instruct you how to use it and help you with the exchange.


A basic subscription that allows you to spend five hours a month in the coworking space. This subscription is the best option for a trial run or a one-time visit.
Price : 300 CZK / month
This subscription will suit you if you want to work in Paper Hub regularly, but you are not planning to spend there more time than one day a week. This subscription is useful for example when working on a specific project you want to focus on at a certain time during the month.
Price : 1500 CZK / month
Currently being the most popular choice, this extended subscription includes, apart from the possibility to use the coworking space, a discount on hiring the boardrooms.
Price : 2000 CZK / month
This subscription will provide you with unlimited access to the coworking space during our open hours (8am to 8pm on workdays). A locker is included in this package.
Price : 3000 CZK / month
We also offer the possibility of hiring your own desk. This solution is mostly chosen by members who spend a great quantities of time in Paper Hub and who often use external devices such as external screens or graphic tablets.
Price : 4500 CZK / month

New with bitcoin?

At first, you need to get a bitcoin wallet. You can either download one on your smartphone or print a paper one in case the software is not supported by your telephone or you are not online. The easiest way to obtain bitcoins is through the bitcoin ATM down at the café. Scan the QR code your wallet generates for payment requests and insert the notes in the automat. Your bitcoins will be transferred to your wallet in a couple of seconds. And how to pay with them? Try it in Bitcoin Coffee! When paying, we will show you a QR code. Open your wallet and scan the code. Authorize the amount and the bill is paid. Paying the Paper Hub subscription will be a piece of cake then!


Don’t be afraid to ask.

You might want to know.

Each Paper Hub member gets their own key and can use Paper Hub facilities on the working days from 8am to 8pm. Access outside of the opening hours can be arranged individually.
We understand that some of our members need to use their own pieces hardware (monitors, tablets etc.) and do not want to carry them around all the time. That is why Paper Hub rents lockers. They are a standard part of the Unlimited Access package, but can be hired with other subscriptions as well.
Yes, and it is possible to book various board or conference rooms with capacity up to 120 people. The rooms are equipped with presentation technology, flipcharts etc. Also, the terrace that is a part of the Hub is worth mentioning.

Contact us.

Do you have any further questions or is there something unclear? Do you want to give Paper Hub a try or to book a meeting room? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to meet you and give you a tour around the whole Paralelni Polis.


This purpose is supported by the café interior and the bar design. You can move around it freely and witness directly the whole process of making a cup of coffee. With almost laboratory procedures we try to hack into the coffee beans in order to get the best aroma and flavor. You can find the current offer here.
We’re looking forward to seeing you in the first bitcoin only café in the world!


MakersLab hosts regular meetups regarding 3D printing and everything related to it. You will learn what is 3D printing and how does it work, what potential does it hold and in which direction it develops. You can look forward to testing the material and the printers but foremost to the lectures given by various hosts. You can find the program and closer information here.


You can find us a short way from the tram stop Delnicka in Praha 7..