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  • Looking for inspiration? A space for new ideas

    Work on your project in an environment that suits you best - whether by one of the many standing desks or wide tables in the openspace, at your own table in an office or while lying down in our chill-out space.

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  • Deserve a break? A place for relaxing

    Take a break or two during a day of work in the comfortable chill-out zone where you can read something from our furnished library or just listen to music that is aimed to help you concentrate.

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  • Need a change? Meeting facilities

    Arrange a team meeting, an appointment with a client or a public workshop. Here at Paper Hub you will find all the facilities you could need and to top it all off, a meeting room boasting one of the best views in Prague.

  • Wanting to socialise? Networking opportunity

    Enjoy a space that is truly "open", serving as either an airy and well-shaded office space in the summer or as a place to get to know other members of the Hub during networking get-togethers and events.

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Why become a member? What does Paper Hub have to offer

A friendly and tranquil environment

At Paper Hub, we pride ourselves on cultivating good relationships and trust between members, as well as a relaxed atmosphere. We are all friends here, who mutually inspire each other and share our know-how. You can also look forward to enjoying an environment offering total freedom, also reflected in the membership itself, which is a flexible, no lock-in membership that is customised according to your needs. More than just being a place for productive and efficient work, Paper Hub also provides a space that will literally make you feel at home.

Original and comfortable design

We have furnished the interior of the Paper Hub to fuel your creativity as much as possible. Draw inspiration from the modular paper furniture made from honeycomb cardboard or from the elements printed in the 3D printing lab. The Paper Hub and the unusual working space within has also received multiple awards, being best working space of the year 2015 in the Zasedačka roku competition and being awarded the prize for the best coworking space in Central Europe in 2016. However, something that is even more important than design to us is that you feel comfortable and satisfied.

Innovation and new technology

As a "permanent resident" of Paralelni Polis, you will be up close and personal with our main themes such as decentralisation, internet freedom and crypto-technology, as well as having interesting contacts at your fingertips thanks to the international Hackers Congress among other things. It all starts with familiarising yourself with cryptocurrency, which you will use to pay for your membership, and with protecting your privacy in the digital sphere, and who knows... maybe it will end in the development of your own blockchain-based project.

in Paralelní Polis

And who is it suitable for?

The Paper Hub is a part of Paralelní Polis, a project which was founded in 2014 by the artistic group Ztohoven and is located in the attractive locality of lower Holešovice in Prague. It draws on the facilities spread across the other three floors of the building, a cafe, the Institute of Cryptoanarchy and a hackerspace – as a ‘Paperhubster’ you will get an all inclusive bundle of services that you are free to take advantage of.

We welcome those with liberal views, innovative freelancers and startups that are interested in the themes of digital freedom, show initiative, and have creative ideas. We give you the chance to switch hierarchy and strict rules for total working freedom and the ability to make use of the space and other programs as you like. This DIY concept inspires members to transfer this independent and creative approach into other areas of their business and life in general.

pricelist of membership and rental

You are often on the run, and you only use the Hub occasionally. One working day per month is enough, you appreciate more the opportunity to stay in touch with the community and to have access to member events free of charge or with a discount.
Price : 500 CZK / month
The working desk at home or in your office suits you quite well, but once a week you like to discover new ideas in a different environment. Or, you need to concentrate on a particular project - a space full of focused people and the constant supply of specialty coffee makes a perfect combination for your productivity!
Price : 1900 CZK / month
You enjoy working and collaborating with other coworkers in Hub, but you also use it for business meetings. In addition to the possibility of going to a shared office for exemple twice a week, you also have discounted meeting room rental with access to the terrace.
Price : 2600 CZK / month
You feel here just like at home - you have your favorite table, your own locker, the baristas know what kind of coffee you're drinking ... You spend here maybe every day and you're an active member of the community and a regular visitor of the events. And two hours of meeting room for free are just the icing on the cake.
Price : 3500 CZK / month
You have your permanent working desk, but you do not waste money for an expensive office and you do not deal with bail and notice periods. You want a calm environment and a safe place to store all the things you need for work - whether it's twenty files or two monitors. Ideal option for workaholics or small teams!
Price : 4500 CZK / month
Do you work for foreign clients or does work at night or in early morning hours easily fit better to you? Would you welcome unlimited access to your desk and place where you can prepare your breakfast or even relax for a while in a bed in a separate room? This all together we offer in 24/7 Hub.
Fixed desk - 5700 CZK / month
Shared desk - 4500 CZK / month
This is a space where you can make a private phone call, a presentation for a client or have a meeting with a team of up to 12 people. You will appreciate not only a whiteboard, projector and plasma TV, but also a direct access to our shady and spacious terrace. Find more info about our rentals.
Price : 350 CZK / hour, excl. VAT

Benefits of having a membership

We will gladly help you with the presentation or promotion of your individual project. You can take advantage of the services of our in-house professional photographer, who will help you create a photographic portfolio. In addition, if you are looking for a new colleague to add to your team, you will get your first ad posting on for free.
As well as providing facilities to work in, we also offer a lot of opportunities for further education. If you are just starting out work as a freelancer a discount on course at is just the thing for you. If you are more interested in technology, then attending some courses in 3D technology in the MakersLab, where you will receive a discount of 30% as a member of the Hub, could be right up your alley. Of course, you will also receive discounts or free entry into many of the other events that are held in Polis.
Your knowledge is not the only thing that you will be able to develop at Paper Hub. For example, you could also make use of well-priced personal consultations on offer, and talk with one of the many experts we have on a wide variety of topics – from accounting and taxes to legal services and all the way to business coaching.
If you need to refuel amongst working up a storm, then treat yourself to a snack and a selection of coffee directly from the café, where, as a member of the Hub, you will only be paying mates rates. If coffee doesn’t quite cut it for you, you will always be able to find some kind of energy drink in our kitchenette for free.
Take advantage of many other benefits that you get from being a member of the Paper Hub. Or ask our hairdresser to conjure up a modern haircut for a good price, paid for in crypto of course.

Crypto currencies

And how to use them?

Paper Hub is the only coworking space in the world where you pay your membership ONLY with cryptocurrencies - bitcoin or litecoin. For their regular use, you need to download the special wallet as an application in your smartphone. The easiest way to obtain cryptocurrencies is through the bitcoin ATM down at our café (in cash), buying directly from another user or remotely (by online payment) when using the exchange sites. And how to pay with them? Try it with a first coffee in our Bitcoin Coffee!

We are focused on members which already have the knowledge of cryptocurrencies but you don't need to be an advanced pro to become a member - we are able to explain them even to our mums! Each membership comes with the invoice in CZK and the VAT is not applied. You can find more information about the cryptocurrencies in Paralelni Polis ZDE.

  • Jan Bek
    Going from café to café to work was great to start with, but it was hard to get much done amongst all the noise. The thing that I like about Paper Hub, is that it's peaceful here. Now I’m able to do get a lot more done each day.
  • Barbora Klufová
    The only coworking space that doesn’t need to have motivational quotes hanging on the walls.

  • Markéta Aniolová
    I regularly invite my clients and suppliers to Bitcoin Coffee, which has become a real part of my brand seeing as Polis has quite a distinctive image and there isn't a person in the world that wouldn't react in some way towards it... and this appeals to me!
  • Petr Pražák
    I enjoy the free and tolerant atmosphere, get-togethers on the terrace and the best coffee in Prague. The local bitcoin enthusiasts have also enlightened me on cryptocurrencies, thanks to which I know more about crypto than a finance minister!

We collaborate even with more freedom and creativity

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Institute of Cryptoanarchy
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Makers Lab
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